The 3 Best Skin Scents

The 3 Best Skin Scents
So, you’re looking for a skin scent?

A scent that smells like you, but better.

We’ve rounded up our 3 best-selling skin scents for your consideration:

Milk- Personal
Byrdie put it best: “Glossier You fans, meet your new signature scent. Iso E Super is a popular ingredient often used to impart a warm, velvety texture in fragrance, blends elements of the gourmand with the skin scent for a musky, cozy, sexy combo.” A skin scent and a gourmand—does it get any better? 

As seen in Byrdie

Paper- Personal
With almost 100 5-star reviews, Paper- Personal has quickly become a fan-favorite—and with good reason. The intimate, clean-smelling wood transcends skin with a lightweight and effortless glow thanks to Iso E Super and touches of sweet Amber. 
As seen in: STYLIST

Gold- Personal
Gold- Personal is a Vanilla-based skin scent that wraps the skin with a soft, barely-there glimmer thanks to Iso E Super. It’s comforting, warm, and works year-round.
As seen in: WhoWhatWear and Vogue

Try them all with our Personal Scent Space Discovery Kit:

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