Modern, American Perfumery

Founded in 2013, we are a Modern, American Perfumery that’s rethinking fragrance. Modern in design and elemental in approach, we believe that simplicity is the new luxury.

Meet Scent Space

Fragrance isn't one-scent-fits-all.

Some want a fragrance that’s reserved for themselves, some want a fragrance that fills the room, others long for something in between.

We've created Scent Space, so that you can select your scent and control its projection.

Each fragrance is available in 3 Scent Spaces: a close Personal version, a balanced Expressive version, and an amplified Bold version.

Exploration and discovery

How do you find the right fragrance from behind a screen? Discovery Kits.

Boxed collections of 2ml, trial-sized samples in every scent and Scent Space. Plus, redeem the full price of your kit on your favorite full-size fragrance.

Artisanally crafted

Each of our fragrances are made by artisans and given names that provide snapshots of what's inside: Milk, Gold, Book, Paper.

Like a chef who sources the best ingredients to create the most innovative dishes, our Perfumers—or Makers as we call them—use the best ingredients to create the most unique and memorable fragrances.

Watch the Docuseries

We're always rethinking fragrance: how it smells, how it projects, how it's made, how it's described.

Now you can stay in the know with our behind-the-scenes Docuseries. These 2-10 minute episodes introduce our latest inspirations and innovations, as well as any other information usually discussed behind closed doors.

Try us in person

Today, Commodity is available online globally.

The demand has even pulled us offline and onto the shelves of Sephora's in North America and the UK, plus European specialty stores.

To find your nearest store with Commodity, checkout our Store Locator.

A conscious commitment

Our fragrances are unisex, vegan, cruelty-free, and clean—without any “Blacklisted” ingredients.

However, this is just the first step on an ever-evolving journey towards becoming more ethical.

We've laid out all of the ways we’re committing to becoming more ethically conscious to hold ourselves accountable and for you to follow along.

About Us

Brought to life by a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, a global crowdfunding campaign "to change the fragrance industry forever,” Commodity is the first digitally-native fragrance brand.

The change? Modernizing artisanal fragrance by making it intuitive, even from behind a screen.

Driving this vision today is Re-Founder and Creative Director, Vicken Arslanian. A serial brand builder, born into perfumery and trained as an architect, Vicken and his creative team are rethinking fragrance one element at a time.