The Docuseries
The Makers
The Chatter
The Docuseries
Take a peek behind closed doors. 2-10 minutes episodes detailing our latest inspirations, innovations, and more.
The Makers
Hear it straight from the source. Our master perfumers describe how they created each of your favorite fragrances.
The Chatter
Get an outsider’s opinion. Find out what our community has to say about our fragrances.
S2 | EP3
"Designing a Relaunch"

You’ve experienced the roles our re-Founder, team members and perfumers played in the relaunch. Now, experience the role of our design agency.

Season 2 Episode 2 Maker x Lover x Hater
S2 | EP2
"Maker x Lover x Hater"

A Lover, a Hater, and the Maker of our Gold fragrance walk into a room…
Three different perspectives, one best-selling fragrance, and hopefully a fuller picture of what Gold actually smells like.

Season 2 Episode 1 Screen Test
S2 | EP1
"Screen Test"

The new website’s product page. A combination of 2D and video for a more interactive understanding of the scents?

Season 1 Episode 9 Some Good News
S1 | EP9
"Some Good News"

A lot happened during lockdown: our orders –and hair– grew, the warehouse was reorganized, a new business was purchased, and a new fragrance was developed… Thanks to your support, we’re coming out even stronger on the other side!

Season 1 Episode 8 Covid-19
S1 | EP8

We're in this together.

Season 1 Episode 7 Scent Space
S1 | EP7
"Scent Space"

We’re disposing of this old industry jargon for describing scent concentrations to give you more control over the projection of your scent, over your “Scent Space”. Three new classifications regarding potency: Personal, Expressive, Bold.

Season 1 Episode 6 Role Playing
S1 | EP6
"Role Playing"

Ever wonder how a fragrance is developed?   Today’s episode takes us to Symrise, a 200+ year company that produces flavors and fragrances for food and beauty brands worldwide.

Season 1 Episode 5 The Chopping Block
S1 | EP5
"The Chopping Block"

Shelf space in any store is limited. While we wish all Commodity fragrances could be presented, this week we had to make the tough decision of which to “keep” for stores. Don’t worry, all of your favorites will still be available online!

Season 1 Episode 4 Inventory
S1 | EP4

This week we find out what you can expect to receive when you “buy a brand” including the remaining inventory. However, expectations don’t always match reality. After a few lessons learned, Vicken finally receives his Commodity inventory.

Season 1 Episode 3 Team Reveal
S1 | EP3
"Team Reveal"

A brand is only as strong as its team. Thanks to Vicken’s first company, Europerfumes, Commodity already has an all-star team in place. The only thing left to do? Tell the team… Their reaction? Priceless.

Season 1 Episode 2 London Calling
S1 | EP2
"London Calling"

The first few days after a deal closes are essential for gathering the final bits of information. Vicken utilizes this time to fly to London and meet with two key Commodity contacts, except the deal wasn’t technically closed...

Season 1 Episode 1 The Re-Founder
S1 | EP1
"The Re-Founder"

Vicken shares your passion for Commodity and is whole-heartedly dedicated to bringing back the brand and its fragrances. He’s been inspired to take you along our entire relaunch journey with a behind-the-scenes docuseries.

Zauni P.

"I become the woman of my dreams"

Paige P.

"I'm never going to find a perfume that beats it"

Mike D.

"Please never stop making it"

E W.

"It's an adult vanilla cigar versus a candy cigarette"

Ailish R.

"Best vanilla perfume of all time"

Tamra P.

"Instead of having to wear a men's cologne"

Richard W.

"This guy right here is my ultimate favorite"

Rachel E.

"Every single time I wear this people compliment me"

James M.

"I've never had an awkward conversation in an Uber"

James H.

"It's haunting and ethereal, but in a very calming way"

Eli B.

"It smells like being in a library"

Angela S.

"It really takes the red velvet cake"