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I love this idea ! They all smell great! My favorite favorite one is the Gold+ and I've just purchased the full size

Bold Discovery Kit
Erica Wetch
Absolute best

I Love Your Fragrances!!

Relaxing unisex scent

This scent is a great unisex scent! It’s very clean, fresh, and tranquil; however, it does lean on the more masculine side due to the heavy woody notes. I’m almost wishing I would have purchased the Paper- because I’ve heard that one is a little sweeter. I have purchased a couple Commodity scents and have loved all! The only downfall with this scent in particular is the longevity is extremely short lived. I’m usually able to smell my Commodity Gold going into the next day where as this scent is completely gone within 2-3 hours.

Carletta Blackmon
I have to order another bottle

I need to purchase another bottle! My 17 year old took mine and I never got it back.
I say that to say we LOVE this fragrance.

Exploration Kit
Christina Johnson

Wow, this is one of the most enjoyable scent samplers I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried hundreds!) Incredibly well thought out and scent space is such a smart and intriguing concept. Milk+ is my clear favorite, but I thoroughly appreciated every scent in the sampler. Congrats on your relaunch. I am impressed!


Wonderful fragrances, great quality

Exploration Kit
Martha Rodriguez

So far so good 😊

Enjoyed trying out the scents to find my favorites! But, where are the lids/caps for the sprays?

Why no lid on the product? If these had a cap or lid it would make a huge difference. I wanted to give these as gifts but I think they come across 'cheap' without caps/lids on the sprays. You suggest throwing these in a purse or gym bag, how does that work with no cap? So far, they are all just still sitting in the tray they came in...

ashley weaver
My favorite

This is my 8th scent by Commodity and possibly my most favorite! I get so many compliments!

nikki dudeck
My husband constantly gets compliments on this!

Whenever he's wearing Book, my husband is constantly being stopped by people asking what scent he's wearing. Most people haven't yet heard of Commodity - so I'm always happy to introduce someone new to the brand we love so much!

Cynthia Lamanna
Love this scent!

This scent is beautiful and makes me feel confident and!

Oh my!

I’ve had the original for years and then tried the sampler. I love them all but there something about the one with the big scent that spreads it’s love to everyone that caught me! All are amazing! Just depends how bold you want to go!

OG Gold Fan

I tried Gold as part of the coffret set Commodity offered when they first launched. As a diehard moss/green/white florals devotee I didn’t expect to fall in love with the rich, warm scent of Gold, but years later I went looking for it as a full size. Ordered the trio to see which was closest to the original - I think both Personal and Expressive would satisfy that goal. Both have solid but subtle lasting power. Bold is nice, but smells a little like root beer on me, and I think is the greatest departure from the original. So pleased this scent made the cut when Commodity relaunched.

jaime bartschi
Quick delivery and great scent

I love the scent that the perfume has and I get lots of compliments

Exploration Kit
elizabeth torres

Milk is the one I love the most out all of them. I got the exploration kit. I like velvet and paper as well. They last all day

Exploration Kit
Amazing fragrances!

There’s a range of earthy, attention-grabbing scents in this Exploration Kit. Interestingly, I really didn’t like the “balanced” (middle row) of fragrances. The lighter (far left, in white) scents are nice without being overpowering. It was Gold in the light version that first brought me to Commodity. Thanks to this kit, I’m discovering that I love the heavier scents (far right, black). They’re “heavy” only by comparison. Specific scents, like Moss, that I didn’t like in the balanced version were quite lovely in the heavier version. Of them all, Gold remains my favorite, in either the lighter or heavier version. Light scents are great for work, while the heavier scents kick up date night, no matter if it’s a first date or a date night with the same love of your life for thirty years. I love Commodity’s fragrances!

Great product

Love the new scent space concept. Milk isn't my new favorite (way too carmel-y for me) but this purchasing option is spot on. This is a perfect way to try new fragrances.

Colleen McCoy
I love it!

I smell like a cookie in the best way possible. I can't stop smelling myself!!

Great way to sample

Love all of these but my favorite was Milk - already bought the full bottle!

Gold Scent Space Kit
Christina Williams
Commodity samples

I love love the " Gold", but i find scents do not last long

Paloma Pecoraro

This is by far my absolute favorite scent!!

Book Scent Space Kit
Melodie Arave
Love Commodity

Book is my very favorite! I can't wait to get a bigger bottle! Thank you

Exploration Kit
Elizabeth Huston

Exploration Kit

Gold Scent Space Kit

Great deal and great packaging for the samples, interesting how one fabulous scent is now in three variations!

miesha willett

Very smooth