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Moss Scent Space Kit
Clotilde Tagnon

I bought Moss+ in this order, and so far absolutely everyone I have come across tells me I smell amazing. This is my new everyday smell, I could not be happier with it.

Exploration Kit

Exploration Kit

I love it

I can't wait for the smaller bottle to be in stock because I love this scent.

supacha Denprasertsuk
Love the scent but was leaking a bit

Perfume smells amazing would definitely recommend but it arrived leaking a little bit but it was still great! Maybe a different packaging would help..

Thank You Card
Garrett Powell
Glad to have it back.

As the title says, just glad this brand is available again! These are the best scents I’ve ever smelled. I just hope the advertising is where it needs to be to stay afloat this time.

Thank You Card
William Hoysradt

Thank You Card

Thank You Card
Lauren Hoskin
Absolutely love your scents!!

I now have three of them and they are all the big sizes on top of it every once in a while before my boyfriend comes over I’ll spray his pillows to make sure that they smelled divine.
He always ask how does it smell so good in here I’m like it’s a secret I can’t tell you so for his birthday I got him all of the scents that he loved.
They are all perfect for any occasion and can be interchangeable which is key when you’re not sure which one to choose

Exploration Kit
Lori Odum
Smells So Good

Can’t pick a favorite yet. I wear a different one each day. They all smell great!

Isha Sillah


Milk Scent Space Kit
Natalia Bacarreza Turner
oh my god

fucking loved it,, absolute slay the house down, Houston i'm deceased

Zephra Nicholas
My New Signature Scent!

I absolutely love Milk! It’s soft but very present. I go nose blind after an hour (like a do with all fragrances) but I’ve been told that I smell good hours later. Definitely buying again!

Milk Scent Space Kit
Brenda Quinones
Comforting scents

I loved all of the scents in my commodity kit. The bottles are really useful for travel. They arrived really quickly and are beautifully packed. Looking forward to purchasing a full bottle!

My favorite scent, ever

I received a sample of Wool while subscribed to Scentbird and I knew immediately this would become my signature scent. It’s intriguing, sexy, subtle and sophisticated - I’m obsessed. I bought a full size from Commodity as soon as I could!

Paper Scent Space Kit
Dorinda Wilson
Enjoying the fragrance

I first tried Commodity Paper through Ipsy, I've always stuck with one fragrance till I found my new fragrance. Commodity Paper!

Exploration Kit
Love this set !

This exploration set comes with so many scents ! They smell so good and the packaging is so elegant !



Annie Gerlach
Love the smell

This is my new favorite scent.

Love ❤ Gold

My favorite scent! I like the original kind the best. It makes me happy when I get a whiff during the day.

Samantha Pampuch
Warm & Sexy

This is my new go to perfume- I’m wearing it all year long but definitely a good fall/winter scent. I love that it is warm and woodsy with a little spice!

This is not a dupe for Bourbon Nirvana but a good replacement for a warm woodsy scent.

Kaleb Mitchell
The scent is stellar

Unique and long lasting. Amazing smell. Similar to Margiela By The Fireplace with a longer lasting and more masculine vibe.

Tasha Hall
There is no comparison!

I’m so overly excited that I can purchase my favorite fragrance once again! Bonus is that the size I get is bigger than what I used to get at Sephora! The old phrase, “A little dab will do ya”, absolutely applies as well. I can spray it on in the morning and go on through out my daily activities and will have at least someone compliment me how much they love it!

Exploration Kit
Katie Wolf
Great fun!

This was such a great way to get introduced to Commodity's scents. As with all samplers, there were some I loved and some I loved less so - but there was a wonderful variety, which is ultimately what I wanted. It was a lot of fun to smell the different scent spaces of each scent, and try to pick out the differences and see which I liked the best. Overall a good deal and a fun way to explore scents. There's such a good variety that I think almost anyone would find at least one or two scents they enjoy here!

Exploration kit

This kit is my first Commodity purchase. It has been so nice being able to try several different fragrances in multiple Scent Spaces. I have trouble with perfumes causing me to have headaches so it has been nice trying a small sample before committing to a large bottle. Also I thought I would prefer the lighter Personal scent space but have been liking the strong Bold scents instead. The only problem I am having is narrowing it down to a favorite fragrance because I love all of them.

Discount Thank You Card
Midalis Garcia

Discount Thank You Card

Great way to sample the options

The Expressive Discovery Kit is a perfect way to explore your options before committing to a larger volume of one scent. My previous favorite has been sealed away in the vault (bring back Orris!) but I have discovered new favorites by purchasing this kits, which allowed me to preview almost all of the scents currently offered. I passed two along to more loving homes, but am absolutely enraptured by Milk and Moss. So different, so incredible! Thanks, Commodity, for the opportunity to experiment and thank you especially for the guide that came with it- including space to take personal notes on my reactions to each scent. Amazing feature.