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Summer Fridays: White Sands National Park, NM

White Sands National Park, NM
Summer means it’s time to get away. All season, we’re sharing some of our favorite US summer travel spots. Find a destination to cure your wanderlust? Take the Summer Friday.

There are a whopping 63 national parks in the US. Each of these protected lands is beautiful in its own right, yet many of them remain relatively unvisited. Including White Sands National Park. The mesmerizing, white, gypsum crystal dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. The other-worldly experience is truly unlike anything else you’ll ever see.

On the itinerary: Driving, hiking, and/or sledding down the huge dunes followed by watching the sunset.
 White Sands National Park Dunes Drive

To Do
Dunes Drive
Head to the Visitor Center to pick up some sleds, and then start your drive down the 8-mile, dune-lined road. The further you go, the less greenery, so continue all the way to the end for the best view and sledding. Time it right, and you can finish the day by watching the cotton candy sunset from the top of a dune.

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To Taste
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The family-owned-and-operated business boasts and roasts “100% specialty grade, fresh crop, shade grown arabica: the highest-grade coffee in the world.” In addition to satisfying your caffeine cravings, Picacho also offers delicious, homemade baked goods like seeded sourdoughs, brioche cinnamon rolls and guava pastries—to name a few. The ideal morning pit-stop before your sand dune excursion.
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To Spray
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