Summer Fridays: St. Petersburg, FL

Salvador Dalí Museum
Summer means it’s time to get away. All season, we’re sharing some of our favorite US summer travel spots. Find a destination to cure your wanderlust? Take the Summer Friday.
Aptly nicknamed “Sunshine City,” St. Petersburg averages 361 days of sunshine per year. If you’re looking to fully embrace the glow of summer, look no further.

On the itinerary: taking in the local arts and culture, and finding your perfect place among St. Pete’s vibrant range of offerings.

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To Do
Salvador Dalí Museum

Experience art in a whole new way. The museum uses Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to let visitors step inside a painting and chat with the artist himself.

When you’re done touring Dalí’s original works—the museum houses more than 2,400—head outside to explore the Avant-garden. Walk through the winding Labyrinth maze, or sneak a sip from the Fountain of Youth.

To Do
St. Pete Pier

For a more relaxing getaway, there’s free classes like Pilates on the Pier and Sunset Yoga. For a more spirited vibe, shop at the pier’s open-air bazaar or stroll through the museum featuring local art and eccentric oddities.

Our can’t-miss pick? Pier Teaki for rooftop drinks and an unbeatable view of the city.

To Spray
Gold Expressive

A warm Vanilla wrapped in creamy Sandalwood and molten Amber, it’s basically bottled sunshine.

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