How Travel Trios Can Help Create The Perfect Fragrance Wardrobe

How Travel Trios Can Help Create The Perfect Fragrance Wardrobe
In case you missed it, we launched Travel Trios. These are sets of 3 travel-sized 10ml fragrances bundled for $70 (total value: $75).

The Trios come in either curated, pre-built sets, or you can pick and choose each scent for yourself. Regardless of which you choose, they make an easy way to start stocking up on different scents to build a fragrance wardrobe.

To help get you started, we rounded up some ideas for your next Travel Trio.

Curated by Commodity
We pre-built our own Trio sets to aid your fragrance exploration.

If you’re looking for a foolproof set, try the Bestsellers Trio of Paper- Personal, Gold Expressive and Milk+ Bold.

If you’re looking to pair your scents with the season, there’s a Summer Essentials Trio for days in the sun and City Essentials Trio for standing out in any summertime crowd.

These suggested sets will regularly change, so you can continue to get new inspiration for your fragrance wardrobe.


Curated by You

If you’d rather choose your own scents, there’s the option to create a Custom Travel Trio. Try different scents for the office versus a night out. This is how you’ll have a scent for any occasion and start building a fragrance wardrobe.

Build this wardrobe by expanding on what you already wear, or get some inspiration below:

  • If you’re loyal to one fragrance, try a Trio of that scent in each of its Scent Spaces.
  • If you prefer one Scent Space, build a Trio of scents from that collection.
  • If you mix and match your Scent Space, add fragrances from each Scent Space.
  • If you layer your fragrances, add Paper- Personal or Paper Expressive to your Travel Trio. Each relies heavily on the note of Iso E Super, a warm, woody note that comes alive on the skin–making it a safe choice for layering.

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