Could Your Favorite Fragrance Be Expired? Here’s How You Can Tell

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Finally finding a fragrance you’re enamored with is a great feeling.

What’s not so great is when that bottle is nearing its end, so you try to savor it by slowing down your use. But here’s the harsh reality: you’re actually just spoiling what’s left in your bottle. Don’t despair, we’ve got the science behind fragrance shelf life and the signs to look out for. 

Use It or Lose It

Savor your signature scent too long and the original fragrance you fell in love with might’ve changed by the next time you go to use it.

This is because fragrances turn (meaning they change in smell and color) over time. Spraying a fragrance allows oxygen into the bottle, which initiates this gradual process.

So by not using your fragrance, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.

How to Tell if Your Fragrance Has ‘Gone Bad’

There are a few signs to look for when determining if it’s time to refill on your scent:

  • Change in color: expired juice will be a darker hue from when you originally started using the bottle.
  • Change in smell: see if your fragrance still has a bright, sparkling opening, or if its First notes have weakened. The fragrance could also develop a more sour, metallic, or alcoholic smell depending on its notes.
  • Change in opinion: Still unsure? Ask the trusted nose of someone who’s used to smelling your fragrance if they notice any off-scents.
And be sure to follow these storage tips to keep your fragrance from turning for as long as possible.

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