These 2 New Sets are Modern, American Perfumery at its Best

These 2 New Sets are Modern, American Perfumery at its Best

It’s the product you’ve been asking for, and it’s coming Nov. 1.

Our fragrances are currently available in 10ml and 100ml sizes, which has left our community craving a product size in-between.

Just in time for the festive season, two varieties of Duo Sets are here to satisfy this sweet spot and capture our essence of Modern, American Perfumery at its best:

Best of... Duo Set

Duo Sets

Features: set-exclusive 30ml + travel-size 10ml
Varieties: Milk, Gold, Paper, Book, Moss and Velvet
Price: $75 (a value of $98)

Perfect for Scent Space fans eager to discover other facets of their favorite fragrance, these sets contain a pairing of the scent’s two most prominent Scent Spaces. Plus, for the same price as just one 30ml, $75, this set includes the set-exclusive 30ml and a complimentary travel-size 10ml.

30ml Duo Set

Duo Sets

Features: two set-exclusive 30mls
Varieties: Bestsellers, Layering, Best of Bold and For Him
Price: $115 (a value of $140)

Whether introducing Commodity to someone new or gifting a fragrance enthusiast, these 4 unique sets will make gifting easy:


  • Bestsellers: a 30ml pairing of their most-wanted scents: Milk Expressive and Gold Expressive.
  • Layering: crafted for the enthusiast, a combination of 30mls of our best-selling Milk Expressive and the layering go-to Paper- Personal.
  • Best of Bold: for those who love to make a statement, this set boasts our best-selling Bold fragrances: Milk+ Bold and Velvet+ Bold.
  • For Him: a collection of our more masculine best-sellers: Moss+ Bold and Book Expressive.

Looking for even more pairing options in the future? Comment them below.


  • Please restock your travel sized milk personal and milk bold soon!!

  • I would love to be able to get any scent in the 30 ml size as the fragrance I wear (Moss personal) is not available in the duo sets. Love that this have started to become an option!

    Nicole Moore
  • I want Tonka back. Pretty please.

  • Hi Tania,

    Each Best of… Set focuses on 1 scent in its 2 most popular Scent Space versions. There’s a Best of… Milk Set, Best of… Gold Set, etc.

  • for the Best of Duo set…can we mix and match with the 30mL and 10mL?

    Tania Cortez

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