Father's Day Gift Guide: Top 4 Scents to Give Dad This Year

Father's Day Gift Guide: Top 4 Scents to Give Dad This Year
Cologne doesn’t have to be a cliché Father’s Day gift.

(Not that we have “cologne,” anyway.)

Maybe dad’s been wearing the same scent for years that you or mom secretly can’t stand, or maybe dad’s routine suddenly stops after deodorant and could use some polish.

Find a unique Father’s Day gift—and maybe earn an approving dad nod—with a fragrance that taps into his interests. This scent will feel like it was made just for him, and he’ll actually want to use it.

We’ve rounded up the top gifts for any type of dad on your list. Keep reading for the picks.

For: the debonair dad
He enjoys the finer things in life and his life motto is “dress for success.” His prized position is his Scotch collection and if you’re not drinking it neat, you’re doing it wrong. Now he can raise another glass to W*****y, a classic blend of Mahogany, American Oak and Vanilla.

For: the laidback dad
He’s the one who repeatedly said “no dogs,” but now he and the dog are best buds. He’s a big softie—even if he won’t admit it. He enjoys his routine, which includes winding down with a crossword or a book chapter. Pair his tranquil demeanor with Book-, a fresh and woody scent that stays close to the skin with Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Black Tea. 

For: the fun dad
He’s been repeating the same cheesy one-liners for years, such as “‘Hey’ is for horses” and “Hi hungry, I’m dad.” The line “Don’t tell your mother” was your favorite growing up, as you’d team up to sneak cookies before dinner. Despite his dad jokes, he’s the life of every party. Paper’s crisp, easy-to-wear blend of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Iso E Super will have him confidently anticipating his next audience no matter the setting.

For: the outdoorsy dad
His motto is “Early bird gets the worm,” which he says on Saturday mornings before heading outside to trim the hedges, clean the gutters or go for a bike ride. For dinner, he’ll always volunteer to watch the grill and spend more time outside, exchanging lawn care tips with the neighbors. Evoke his favorite place with Moss+, an amplified green and citrus aroma of Bergamot, Oakmoss and Petitgrain with added Juniper Berry and Amber.

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