This International Women’s Day, Smell Like Female Empowerment

Woman in dress walking down a white hallway

True power comes from within.

For International Women’s Day, the women of Commodity reflected on the fragrances that help us harness this power. The fragrances that elevate our mood, increase our confidence, and make us feel ready to conquer anything.

Below, discover the fragrances we use to feel empowered—on March 8 and well beyond…

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VP of Marketing
“I like to set my day up for success. Starting with looking good, smelling good and then, hopefully, feeling good. Velvet- Personal helps me do just that. A subtle yet uniquely commanding blend that has others leaning in closely as we devise our plan for global domination.”

Blonde woman smiling

Head of Sales & Brand Partnerships
“I’m not afraid to switch up my look based on my mood or responsibilities for the day. Fragrance plays such an important role in that. If it’s a blazer and meetings kind of day I will likely keep it simple yet confident with Paper Expressive.”

Young woman smiling

Art Director
“One of my favorite pastimes is skiing in Vermont with my friends. We're not great skiers, but we always encourage each other to get back up. Now when I need an extra confidence boost before a night out, I go for Milk+ Bold. It takes me back to roasting marshmallows at the ski lodge, and I immediately get that same feeling of inner power.”

Woman smiling in front of flowers

Digital Graphic Designer
“I feel empowered in the morning when I’m going through my daily routine: a brisk walk or workout, a fresh cup of coffee, a new outfit, the sun shining in. This feeling of a fresh, early morning reminds me of Bergamot. Energized and bright, with a touch of sophistication—ready to start the new day ahead."

Brunette woman smiling

Head of Written Content
“I feel the most like myself through moments of self-care—whether it’s a workout, meditation or reading a book. I pair Moss- Personal with whatever I’m doing, and it helps to ground and recharge me. Only then do I feel like I can fully take on my day.”

Woman leaning against wall

Digital Marketing Manager, UK
“As of late I have been spraying Gold Expressive during the workday as it gives me a beautiful confidence boost and reminds me of the fact that we don't have to go anywhere special to spray our favorite perfume. Wearing it even for a day of work from home increases my mood and makes me feel wonderful."

Brunette woman smiling at camera

Affiliate Marketing Manager
“I’m the type of person that takes a shower to put me in a better mood. Fresh, dewy scents are my favorite, which is why I consistently reach for Rain. I feel fresh, centered and simply pretty when I wear that fragrance.”

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