Elevate Your Winter Scent Rotation With Our 4 Warm Picks

Elevate Your Winter Scent Rotation With Our 4 Warm Picks
Winter is a popular time to trade in lighter fragrances for something deep and rich that’ll help combat the chill.

This doesn’t necessarily mean letting your favorite skin scent start collecting dust, but deliberately wearing different scents based on the seasonal occasion: reserving that lighter scent for a Friendsgiving dinner or office holiday party, and incorporating a new, opulent upgrade for a larger holiday gathering or night out.

Ahead, discover our picks for your winter scent rotation, all based on your current go-tos.

Gold Personal and Gold Expressive
If you wear Gold- Personal, add Gold Expressive

Gold- is a skin scent of Vanilla, Amber and Iso E Super, making it a year-round, office-friendly staple. For larger events, try elevating to Gold Expressive. The gourmand has added notes like Creamy Musk, providing an extra dose of warmth at your next holiday gathering.


 Book expressive and Moss+ Bold

If you wear Book Expressive, add Moss+ Bold

Book Expressive is a cult favorite, with crisp, woody notes of Bergamot, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood. If you’re looking for a more intense, fresher version, try Moss+. It has similar earthy notes of Bergamot, Petitgrain and Oakmoss, elevated by Patchouli and Amber.


 milk expressive and milk bold

If you wear Milk Expressive, add Milk+ Bold

Our #1 bestseller is a blend of Cold Milk, Marshmallow and Mahogany Wood. The additions of Firewood and Amber in Milk+ evoke roasting marshmallows by the campfire, much to the delight of you and everyone around you at a holiday happy hour.



If you wear already wear Bold fragrances, add Velvet+ Bold
Perhaps you already wear Bold fragrances and don’t need a winter upgrade. In that case, let Velvet+ be your holiday go-to. Plenty warm enough for winter with elevated notes of Rose, Amber and Labdanum, ensuring those around you will do a double-take.

Want a recommendation based on a current favorite that’s not listed above? Comment below.

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  • I can’t even explain how I felt and feel while wearing PAPER …
    I have never been so drawn or consumed by a sent before… it’s hands down the only sent I will ever wear and I plan on being buried with an afterlife’s supply as well!!! Thankyou so much for creating this life altering sent!!!


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