The Future of Our Archive Collection

The Future of Our Archive Collection
We have to be honest for a moment…

It’s no secret that since our October 2021 relaunch, our focus has been on Scent Space. We wanted to make sure everyone understood the novel concept and properly introduce our new Personal and Bold Collections. Unfortunately, this also means that we’ve been accidentally overlooking the entire Archive Collection.

But the Archive Collection is an important part of our story, so we’re going to be making some changes to ensure they get their time to shine going forward.

Archive Rediscovery
In order to give these fragrances their proper moment in the limelight, the Archives will be available in periodic, limited drops going forward

The Archives will also look a bit different next time you see them. More like the Scent Space Collection, but with a handmade touch.

(Please note, the formulas will not be changing.)

The Archive Discovery Kit will continue to be on our site, so you can sample the collection ahead of its next drop. 

We have big plans for these future drops, which may possibly include the return of formerly-discontinued scents…

Archive Questions
If you have any questions about the sale or future of the Archives, you can reach out here. You can browse the Archives ahead of our sale here.


  • Hi I’m just wondering if your fragrances have been reformulated since your original launch I think in 2013 which I have quite a few of and love very much so if I order I need to know if the formula is the same thank you

  • I’ve been wearing Rain for a really long time now. Everytime I wear it I get compliments! And I mean every time!

    Laurie Barbosa
  • Hi Kristen,

    Keep an eye on our newsletter for all future updates, as Tonka might make a brief comeback! Most similar to Tonka would be Milk Expressive. Both share that warm, toasted note of Tonka bean.

  • Hi Erin,

    We’re happy to hear you received your bottle of Bergamot! Please note that we are not discontinuing! However, our Archive Collection will now only be available in periodic, limited drops going forward. Make sure you stay subscribed to our newsletter for updates regarding our Archive Collection in the coming months!

  • I just received my bottle of Bergamot and I love it! I want to be able to order this again so please don’t discontinue it!!

    Erin Bennett

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