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An Update on Our Prices

An Update on Our Prices
A message to our community:
We joined Kickstarter in 2013 with a clear mission: to make intuitive, premium fragrance.

This idea brought to life our line of elemental scents, so fragrance wearers could intuitively discover artisanal fragrance. It then inspired Scent Space, so fragrance wearers could readily choose their scent projection.

Along this journey, we realized two important things.

1. The Misconception of Tiered Pricing

When we launched Scent Space last October, we quickly recognized that tiering the prices of our Scent Space Collections sent the wrong message.

Scent Space became associated with concentration, with each fragrance representing the same formula at a different concentration level—Personal an EDT, Expressive an EDP and Bold a Parfum. However, the Scent Spaces are all equal in quality, longevity and concentration. 

It’s their formulations that set them apart.

That’s why on July 11, 2022 we are moving to a flattened pricing scale.
All full-size fragrances will be $135.

The leveled pricing will show that the Scent Space renditions are all unique, premium fragrances in their own right, differentiated by the infusion of new notes with naturally lower or higher projection.

2. The Limitations of our Current Pricing

The world has changed since we joined Kickstarter in 2013. Which is why, while leveling the pricing, we are simultaneously moving to $135. (Expressives are currently listed at $125.)

We’d like to stick around for as long as possible, but in order to do that while facing higher production and shipping costs, we’ll need to periodically increase prices.

Furthermore, by popular request, we’ll also be entering retail this year. We’re excited to share the simplicity of fragrance at a larger scale, but this does come with a new set of financial undertakings. 

As of July 11, 2022, all of our other products will increase by $1-$4.

What’s next?

The price changes will go into effect on July 11.

Although we kept changes to a minimum, you’re welcome to use this time to stock up on any scents at their current price.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.


  • Hi Jennifer,

    Two great picks! Thank you for your kind words and for taking this journey alongside us.

    Commodity Fragrances
  • I’m excited I found this brand! I’m currently falling in love with Paper and Moss. It’s enjoyable to be able to feel confident in what I wear. I look forward to seeing the growth of Commodity!

    Jennifer D
  • Hi Brittany,

    We’re currently rolling out localized international sites for this reason. Feel free to email us at with your location and we can direct you to the proper international site or give you an estimated launch date. Thank you!

    Commodity Fragrances
  • I attempted to purchase a sample kit however the astonishing shipping costs immediately deterred me. Shipping on fragrance samples at $35?!?!? You must be joking.


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